About Wilmington Candle Company

Our Philosophy

The Blueberry Festival runs for a week during the end of August.  Wilmington, Vermont is all about Blueberries and everything blue.  From Blueberry Wine to Blueberry Soy Candles.

Welcome to Wilmington Candle Company.  We are located in the historical town of Wilmington, Vermont and only minutes from The Green Mountain National Forest and Mt. Snow Ski area.  At Wilmington Candle Company we work hard to bring you the highest quality candle available.  All our candles are made on the premise in our storefront in Wilmington, Vermont.  Our candles are not mass produced.  We work in small batches so we can assure you of a flawless candle.  Each candle is hand poured and the finished design is the ultimate of perfection.  Unlike most other candles that burn down the middle, leaving you with lots of waste, ours burn smoothly, consistent, and evenly.  The wicks we use create a larger melt pool, leaving you with little or no waste and no messy clean up.  You will also notice that the oils that we use in our candles give each candle that true to life fragrance.  We carry over 60 amazing scents.  Along with our soy candles we also hand make our own line of goat's milk soaps and lotions, oatmeal soaps, European bath salts, whipped sugar scrubs, chap stix and the world's best car fresheners.

We specialize in orders for Weddings, Baby/Bridal Showers, Birthday/Anniversaries and any other special events in your life.  Custom color/scent orders are always available.  If you are interested in our soy candles or bath products and are having a problem placing an order or deciding on a product, please give us a call at 802-855-7200.  We are always happy to assist with any questions that you may have.

Our vision is to illuminate lives with candlelight.  Our mission is to create, produce and market premium quality soy candles and bath products.  All our products are handcrafted in Wilmington, Vermont, using only the finest high-grade ingredients,


Nancy Logan
Owner/Crafter/Candle Maker
Wilmington Candle Company
31 West Main St.
Wilmington, VT 05363

There's no other place to be during the Fall than Wilmington, Vermont.  The foliage, the crisp mornings and the Autumn Harvest Soy Candles.
With the snow and cold in Vermont comes the love of Soy Candles.  From our Cracklin Fireplay Soy Candle to First Snow or Christmas Wreath candle, they are all favorites.  Come join us in Wilmington, Vt for some excellent soy candles and great skiing.